Release Form For Hair Services Involving Bleach

Most people do not understand how difficult it is and the results of going blonde. And tend to blame the stylist for any problem with their new color, when sometimes the hair just doesn't listen.  By signing this contract you are not only gaining knowledge of the difficulty, effects, and results of going blonde, but can not hold Detailz Salon and/or their stylists responsible for any adverse reactions or less than desired results. Of course you have the option of not signing it, but then we would not perform the service and as much as it hurts to lose a client, you would have to go somewhere else.  We are confident in our skills and have the photographs to prove it. We just feel being taken advantage of when it comes to blonde is not an option for us anymore. Thank you for understanding.

~ Detailz Hair Salon

Services performed at:  Detailz Hair Salon - 13708 Castledowns Road 

                                                Edmonton, AB License # 114374286-001

Services performed by: 

Client Name: ________________________

Phone Number: _____________________

Release Form For Hair Services Involving Bleach

I, the above named client request a service performed by the above noted licensed stylist at the above noted address.

It is most important for the client to understand that the darker her hair color initially is, the harder it will be to lift to a blonde and that it may not be a one time process to achieve desired results. Based on the stylists skills she will try her best to lift as light as the hair will take, tone, and cover with lighter color if needed.  The above noted stylist can not be held responsible for any adverse effects or for less than desired results, but the client may request for a strand or patch test beforehand. The client must understand the price+tax is a one time fee and understands that there is no refunds. If color is not light enough the client has the option of returning at a later date and having the service done again for the same price. Client must also understand hair may feel dry, brittle, or mushy with the chance of breakage and that there will be more maintenance involving the care of her hair afterwards such as deep conditioning treatments and more use of professional products. This release exempts any satisfaction guarantees offered as blonde has very different results on different types/colors of hair. Client understands that bleach strips the hair of its protein and the option of going back to a darker color is not possible within the first couple weeks of bleaching.

The client, by signing below, agree to have read, understand, and accept the terms of this contract.



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