Extension Hair Care


* extensions should be washed as infrequently as possible for best durability and to prevent damage to the hair's protective silicone coating

* brush hair and remove all tangles before starting

* make two loose braids for the shampoo part and let them unwind during the conditioner

* use a good quality shampoo and conditioner, moisturizing or hydrating shampoo/conditioner is recommended, do not use a shampoo or conditioner with keratin in it

* do not brush hair when totally wet

* never flip head upside down and vigorously wash

* always wash extensions in a downwards position

* do not wash extensions 24 hrs after install

* wash only your hair on top if needed

* skip the shampoo and just condition then rinse if you need to wash more frequently



* apply products before and after blow drying/flat iron to prevent damage

* flat iron to help rid frizziness

* use a low setting if possible (air dry is best)

* blowdry extensions in a downwards position

* be gentle and use sections

* do not use combs or anything with fine teeth (a bristle brush or loop brush is preferred)

* always start from ends and work your way up to the roots

* use products designed for hair extensions

* leave in conditioner is your best friend

* serum is also a friend

* regularly separate your hair to avoid matting at the scalp

* backcombing is ok but if hairspray is used wash out asap

* a hot oil treatment can temporarily bring extensions back to life and help with tangles

* if hair seems too dry switch to a light oil, heavy oils can clog up the hair



*never sleep with wet hair

* friction on your pillow wears down the extensions (wear a wrap, cap, durag, etc)

* or switch to silk pillow cases

* if not tie your hair up and/or put it in a braid

* wrapping your hair at night is the key to longer lasting extensions



* coloring your extensions is not suggested on extensions as it wears down the life span of them

* blonde extensions can be toned if color is off

* extensions should never be bleached

* blonde extensions can have a vibrant "funky" color put on them no problem (eg. blue, purple, red, green, pink, yellow, orange) but is better to be purchased as that color to avoid color transfer

* color your hair before installing extensions

* you may color your hairline and roots on top throughout wear of extensions

Other Info:

* we do not recommend swimming with hair extensions as chlorine and sea water can damage the hairs silicone coating, wear a swim cap if possible or place hair on top of head and avoid getting wet

* with initial install you may need to take a pill (or glass of wine!) to relieve headaches

* after install wear a cap/toque/scarf/etc to flatten extensions at night

* it is normal for your head to be very itchy at first (use an anti itch oil)

* if having trouble hiding an extension just backcomb on top of it

* some extensions may be able to be tightened

* bobby pin or save loose extensions until you can come in to get them fixed

* the amount of time hair lasts depends on how well you take care of it

* damage occurs from poor maintenance, styling tools, and excess pulling of the hair

* when hair becomes knotty have replaced to prevent damage to own hair