Babe Eyelash Extensions


Trained and Certified Extensionists!


Detailz Hair salon offers eyelash extensions at an

affordable rate with a guaranteed result!


With our technique we isolate one single natural eyelash and attach one single synthetic eyelash extension approximately 1mm from the eyelid. Eyelash extensions look and feel completely natural! (If done properly)

Beware of salons who charge way less... they usually offer "cluster" eyelash extensions (which is 5-10 eyelashes applied to one of your lashes). With clusters its too heavy for your natural lash and can eventually pull your lashes out, giving a possibility of that lash never growing back!


If applied properly eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks depending on the clients natural growth cycle. Each day we lose 3-5 natural lashes. Often they fall out unnoticed, but when eyelash extensions are applied, clients are more aware of when they shed as they are longer, darker, and thicker. Our adhesive is specially formulated with a unique waterproof bonding agent that  lasts longer than most other adhesives. It is also medical grade eliminating the worry of being allergic to the glue.


The cost of our lash sets are a bit higher than most places because we take the time to apply one eyelash to each individual eyelash. The average human eye can contain 100-150 eyelashes! Some places only put on 40-60 lashes per eye to keep their cost down. Although this looks good, it doesn't look as natural as ours and you may have gaps when they start to fall out. We provide the fullness you need and want.

Eyelash Extensions


Applying eyelash extensions is a meticulous procedure and requires patience and concentration. It should never be rushed, so you should expect the first set to take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and 45 min -1 hour for refills. Clients can relax with their eyes closed, and there is no pain, as it is a non invasive procedure. Often clients are so relaxed they fall asleep!!


Good Candidates:

- Brides
- Athletes
- People with cosmetic allergies
- People with short or thin lashes
- People who want darker and/or thicker lashes without using mascara

 Poor Candidates:

- People with alopecia
- Cancer patients (chemotherapy)
- People with eyelash loss problems (skin diseases or infections, metabolic or endocrine disorders, trauma, or drug effects)
- People on thyroid medication
- People who pick or pull on their lashes


Using different lengths, thickness, and curl types we provide not only the fullness but the natural look you need and want.


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New Set - $130

One Week Fill - $25

Two Week Fill -  $45

Three Week Fill -  $65

Four Week Fill - $100

Removal (Our Work) -

Removal (Someone Else's Work) - $65


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AfterCare Instructions:

Frist 24-48 hours:

- Be gentle

- Avoid oil-based ANYTHING near eye area

- Avoid exposure to anything (water, shower, heat, steam, tannning, touching, etc)

- Do not use makeup or mascara

- Do not sleep on your face


- Do not rub your eyes excessively

- Do not pick at your lashes

- Avoid touching your lashes as much as possible

- Do not sleep on your lashes

- Avoid oil-based mascara (including water-proof mascara)

- Do not use oil-based cleansers or makeup

- Do not frequently visit the sauna or steam room 

- Do not use a mechanical curler use a heated one instead

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