Fusion Extensions

also known as:

Bond extensions, Hot fusion, 

U-tip, I-tip, Flat-tip

Fusion extensions

What they are:  Fusion extensions are another most popular method. Fusions are individual strands of hair that are applied to your own hair in 1cm sections. They are held in place with a "glue" which is actually a keratin bond (this is safe for you hair as hair contains keratin in it). Fusions are not to be mixed up with Monkey Barz.

Who they are for: Fusions are definitely for the person who takes care of her hair 100%. These are way more high maintenance then the traditional track and sew extensions. These are intended to last longer but only if they are taken care of. Matting can easily be created if bonds are not separated or combed at the roots. These are not for women who will not take the time everyday to make sure their hair is combed out and bonds separated.

Type of hair needed:  Fusion extensions are individual strands of hair pre-tipped with a keratin bond. The can come in U-tips, flat-tips, or my favorite I-tips. I do not recommend fusion done with extensions that are not pre tipped. These extensions are sold in bunches of different amounts. Most full heads need between 150-200 pieces, less for thinner hair.

Kind of hair:  The best hair is called Remy hair. Remy is not a brand itself, it is just a type of hair. Remy means the cuticles are pointed in the same direction. This is the healthiest hair, it lasts longer, and reduces tangles. So you can choose any type of brand you want but you want to make sure it is "100% human remy hair". Remy is not cheap.

Color:  To match the color of extensions to your hair color you must go to the shop and have them hold it up to your hair out of the bag. Make sure the ends match not the roots because the ends are what blend into the extensions. I am able to color match extensions you choose but there is no guarantee it will come out a perfect match. Color extensions and hair extensions are two different color lines. I can not dye your hair a #2 and then send you to buy a #2 extension... they will not match.

Installation:  Installation time takes about 2 to 3 hours. Installation price is based on per package of 80 pieces. Shorter hair needs more packs. Average hair is approx 2 packs. Installation also includes a flatiron and any cutting/blending needed for a natural look. Every installation gets a take home care sheet as well if needed. These extensions can not be tightened and the hair can not be reused.

Cost:  $2 per piece installed average of $200 for a full head installation. Unfortunately these can not be tightened. $75 per hour for removal. Cost of hair varies.  The cost depends on the length you want and the quality you want. My favorite brand is "Lord & Cliff" fusion extensions. These range from $70-$100 for lengths 12",16", and 20".

Risks:  These extensions do not damage your hair. Damage occurs from poor maintenance, styling tools, and excess pulling of the hair. Consistent scratching can create bumps/pimples and/or sores/scabs. You must brush your hair at the scalp. If matting occurs here the extensions should be replaced asap. Most girls have bad experiences with these extensions because they don't keep up on them and matting creates, then when they go to get them removed an impatient stylist ends up taking shears to your scalp or ripping your hair out.

Side Effects:  When being installed there is a slight twisting, baby hairs sometimes get caught and therefore sometimes there is also a little bit of pulling. Headaches are normal the first day and sleep for the first couples days will be uncomfortable until they loosen up. It is suggested you take an advil before your appointment and again before bed.

Length they last:  On average these extensions last 3-6 months. Most beginners who have not had experience with these extensions only last 2-3 months. Tightening can not be done and the hair can not be reused. How long they last depends on how fast your hair grows and how well you take care of them. If they start to matt your safest bet is to redo them.

Maintenance:  Use your leave in conditioner and serum everyday! Serum will help reduce tangles dont be shy. Leave in conditioner helps with brushing so you are not snapping hairs that will eventually matt up. You must brush the hair at your scalp, sections are always a good thing. A loop brush is highly suggested. I do sell loop brushes. You should also wrap your hair at night.

Removal:  For removal these extensions first get soaked in a removal cream/liquid, then they are crunched to loosen up the bond, and then they slip right off. Even though they slip right off there is still sometimes a little bit of pulling. Most people are not patient when it comes to taking out fusions. This can take up to an hour or longer. Come see me. I am patient. Remember that everyday we shed naturally 50-100 hairs. When you have a bond the hair that has shed still gets caught in that bond. When your extensions are taken out you will lose hair.  This is only your natural shed that has already fallen off.  There will be very little, but there is still a bit. It is completely normal.

Why you should get them:  Because they are one of the popular methods. The individual strands and matching colored bonds make them look more natural. There are no little beads poking you in the head. If blended properly they are undetectable. They can last a really long time if you take care of them. They can add highlights or lowlights instantly. They add beautiful lengths and volume.