Our Guarantee

100% satisfaction guarantee


Some examples that fall under the guarantee:

1) You had a root touch up for blonde and the roots are still too dark. Or the color might still contain golden/copper tones.

2) You wanted a solid black and received a dark brown or vise versa. Or you wanted a red and it turned out brown (not vibrant enough).

3) You wanted to cover foils or peekaboos and the color did not cover it enough.

4) You had some bleeding from foils that can not be hidden.

5) Your foils were placed to close to the front hairline or not close enough.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you are not satisfied for a good reason, notify us within one week of original appointment and it will be fixed to your satisfaction.

Please keep in mind if you had a box dye on your hair beforehand we can not guarantee the colors that will come out.

If you touch your hair and try to fix it yourself we are no longer liable.

We must see your hair with the problem to determine our faults and how to fix it.

Fixing it means something simple or little. Fixing it applies to hair that did not cooperate or colors that did not turn out how they usually do. 

*SWATCH COLORS ARE NOT THE EXACT COLOR YOUR HAIR WILL TURN* the colors in the color book are colors that have been put directly onto non processed natural blonde hair. If your hair was not non processed and natural blonde to begin with your color will not come out exactly like the swatch. We will do our best to get it as close as possible, but we can not guarantee an exact match.

A whole new color because you dont like what you chose/came out is not part of the guarantee. Especially if we told you beforehand what to expect for results.


Sorry no refunds.

~ Detailz Hair Salon